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You Have Questions. We Have Answers
  • Do you show movies if it is raining?
    Yes! We show movies rain or starlight. The only time we would close down or cancel an event is if the weather poses a danger to our customers or crew or if we lose power. If we do end up canceling the event, you will be notified in advance and refunded.
  • Can the sound be accessed via phone app?
    No, the movie sound is not streamed online, so there isn't a radio app that would work. You need a physical FM radio receiver. We recommend using your car's radio or a portable radio.
  • Will listening to movies drain my car battery?
    If your battery is in good shape, you should be just fine. However, if you do find yourself low on power, our parking staff will be happy to assist you with jump boxes until the concession building closes.
  • Do you allow dogs?
    We would love to, but we aren't allowed to according to our contract. However, we may have one weekend where it will be bring your pet to The Drive 815 weekend! You will need to sign a release form, keep your dog on a leash, and bring supplies for clean up, but it will be a blast!
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, we accept all major credit cards at the box office and in the concession stand. We also accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • Do you offer Open Captions?
    We don't currently, sadly, but if we get enough request for it, we will look into it!
  • Can I bring my own food?
    We would prefer if you didn't since concession sales is how theaters keep their lights on. Just so you know, our concessions are priced well below a typical movie theater, and we are taking request for things you want us to carry at concessions as well.
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