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Drive-In Movie Theater

Three years ago, we decided we want to bring some more fun to the 815 area. The question then became how we could do that during COVID and with limited resources. Then, a lightbulb went off in our heads: why not bring a drive-in to the local area? After all, people love movies, and you can stay safe and go to a movie affordably.


Three years later, we have expanded our original idea and now have a festival-like experience every weekend down at The Drive 815. These days, instead of simply showing the movie, we have face painting, balloon animals, bouncy houses, carnival games, and more! We are bringing a complete experience to the area for an affordable cost.

Bringing Friends,
Families & Loved Ones Together


We started The Drive 815 because we wanted to bring families together on the weekend and give them something to do. Too many times we have heard there is not enough to do in the area. We thought, why not bring a fun event like a drive-in movie theater to create a fun, safe event for families?


In our first year, we received tremendous support from the community, even with our limited resources. Now we are making The Drive 815 better and better every year by supporting local businesses and having them come down to show off the cool work they do as well. We hope to see you at The Drive 815 this summer to enjoy the experience with us!

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